Surrey singer-songwriter Second Hand Poet has released his beautifully stark new single and video Loving You, and if you’re a fan of Ben Howard or Bon Iver then this is definitely for you – lonesome, reverb-soaked guitars and a fragile vocal alongside mournful lyrics.

Loving You is a track that has evolved over the years – the song has changed names, structure and meaning many times over,” explains Jamie Tipson, AKA Second Hand Poet. “Originally a love song, the song went unreleased over such a long period that it ended up being a song about hope in the aftermath of a love that disappeared between two people. I’ve likened it before to dressing up a corpse to look its absolute finest before its final resting place – it’s an almost closure to the past.”

Second Hand Poet’s new mini album Songs For The Pyre is a collection of songs that have featured on various long-vanished demo EPs, and bear the mark of Tipson’s songwriting at its most unguarded and brutally honest. Produced by Franc Cinelli in London, the album uses Tipson’s DIY ethic as a point of departure, expanding the sonic palette while retaining the heart and soul of each song.

Find Second Hand Poet on Twitter at @secondhandpoet and at now.

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