Sasa Stubbs has always stood out in life, whether with his appearance, style, or identity. But now the singer-songwriter, producer, and instrumentalist is standing out with his music. As a talented instrumentalist, Sasa has a unique genre-defying sound that he blends into pop style melodies. Stubbs recently released singles for ‘Feels Like Water,’ an anthem for the marginalized, previewed by American Songwriter.

Born in Germany, Sasa and his family moved around a lot growing up, which made it hard for Stubbs to feel accepted in school and in his youth. The artist struggled with anxiety/panic attacks and found friendship with those on the margins. Sasa Stubbs strives to inspire hope and strength in his music while addressing mental health realities in his music.

In his recent release, ‘Water In My Lungs,’ the LA-based artist sings about the deep feelings of regret and mistakes and how they can weigh on us.

“Water in My Lungs is about the agony of regret, whether it’s an action you previously failed to take or words that you now consider a mistake; a pain that breaks your heart so badly it causes the lungs to fill with water,” Sasa says. “It’s an actual medical condition to have water in your lungs due to heart failure, and I loved using this as a metaphor for a broken heart within a relationship. This song explores how our mental psyche can affect our physical being.”

Sasa’s music interests have crossed many genres over time. He started listening to Eminem and Lil Wayne and later going further into the dark rock, emo, and death-core worlds. With that, Stubbs has a wide array of influences that he incorporates into his own music

Going against the grain is at Sasa Stubbs’ core. Through his music, he hopes to teach love and tell the stories of his own personal struggles and inspire people to push through there own. 

Listen to his new single ‘Water In My Lungs’ here. And look out for his next release ‘Riverside’ out on July 31st. 

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