Roger Waters – a musician who is no stranger to throwing his hat into the political arena – started his latest US tour in Kansas City USA with a vicious attack on President Trump. The 24-song set combined Pink Floyd classics with four songs from his forthcoming album “Is This The Life We Really Want?”

A typically visually stunning show revealed that (unsurprisingly) Waters is not a fan of the POTUS. During the performance of “Pigs (Three Different Ones” from Pink Floyd’s most politically charged LP “Animals”, Trump’s image was projected onto massive screens with the word “Charade” emblazoned across it. The inflatable pig which has long been a trademark of Waters/Floyd shows, got a 2017 makeover and featured a less than flattering likeness of Trump with the speech bubble “I won!” Although it seems a few audience members had their feathers ruffled by Waters’ political stance and headed for the exit early, judging by cheers and rapturous applause, the vast majority of the crowd shared his opinion.

Waters and his ten-piece band (featuring the late Lemmy’s son, Dave Kilminster on guitar) are taking the three hour extravaganza across the States and Canada from now until late October.

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