Reardon Love return with ‘Locked in the Panopticon’

80’s nostalgia is gaining momentum; New Wave bands are touring and The Cure headlined Glastonbury. Reardon Love are riding the crest of that proverbial wave and there is no sign of capsizing.

Enter “Locked in the Panopticon”, a synth-based 80’s disco-pop song with a political & dystopian Orwellian message. Governments are becoming more totalitarian through the aid of media manipulation, subliminal messages and social media advertisements. Reardon Love’s bio states to “champion the underdog, hail the outsider and liberate the falsely accused” and this single is certainly no different.

Having already drawn regular comparisons to the likes of Blossoms and Pulp, supported established acts such as Scouting for Girls, Republica, Hinds, RedFaces and Psychedelic Porn Crumpets and gained the backing of BBC introducing, 2020 looks set to be very bright for the band.

‘Locked in the Panopticon’ is out now via These Bloody Thieves.

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