Rapper GANJA BABY releases new single ‘Gorgeous Barbie’

Who is GANJA BABY You may well ask? The provocative moniker belongs to none other than multi-faceted and multi-talented Michael Mikel Asare Dompreh, a true South Londoner from the streets of Peckham whose family hailed originally from Ghana.  Not only is GANJA BABY a UK artist and rapper he is also a song-writer, investor and entrepreneur. He also owns and runs his own Independent record label Young Ownerz (YOz). That’s a pretty impressive resume for a young businessman barely into his 30’s.

It was listening to music as a child which led GANJA BABY to make his life in music – eagerly listening to songs on the radio had a huge impact on GB and opened his mind to a whole new world which he was eager to be a part of. Growing up listening to a lot of RnB Slow jams and Hiphop GB found inspiration in 90’s 00’s music as he followed the greats such as Jay Z, BIG, 2PAC, Eminem, Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, Big Pun, DMX etc. He also has a lot of respect for contemporary US artists Gucci Man Travis Scott Migos and Drake.  GB sees himself as being very creatively involved in the growth of the current multi-genre UK music scene and helping it grow exponentially throughout youth culture. Even though he himself is from a hip-hop background, he absorbs a diverse range of music and funnels it seamlessly into his music to make it accessible and identifiable to different audiences.

With that in mind GB will be releasing his latest single ‘Gorgeous Barbie’ on 16th April 2019. GB says “The song ‘Gorgeous Barbie’ is all about empowering women. I was inspired by everything that makes a woman beautiful. I wanted to think of something that could incorporate the beauty of femininity as well as tying together my love of Great Britain hence GB/Ganja Baby/Gorgeous Barbie #greatbritain #GB”