It has been nine years since the last album by German industrial metal band Rammstein but fans will not be waiting much longer.

The band will officially be releasing new material sometime in the new year, according to rhythm guitarist Paul Lander.

No official date has been announced to the release of the next record but Lander says that it could be as early as next spring.

It has been no secret that the band have been hard at work in the studio over the past year, there’s been multiple posts shared of group working on new music.

There is some speculation that the next record could be the last album the German band ever makes, but there’s no official confirmation of that.

So far the band has released a total of six albums since 1994, the most recent one, Liebe ist für alle da, was released in 2009.

In terms of what kind of music fans can expect to hear after such a long gap between albums Lander offered some insight.

“It hasn’t been like a pre-production where each member is alone; it’s been more of an all-together kind of thing. We liked the sound of it so much that we’ve decided to make the record more [as] a band-unit recording than a bunch of guys playing separately.”

“The basic idea is you are hearing a band playing. … it’s inspired by our live sound, which is exactly what we’re going for,” he said.

There’s no word on if a world tour will follow the release of the album, but you can bet that’s what many die-hard fans are hoping for from the band known for its explosive pyrotechnic shows.

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