Prog Legends Yes Will Be Performing ‘Relayer’ In Full On Upcoming Tour

If you’re fans of progressive rock, there is an almost 100% chance you’ve heard of genre giants Yes. Last year, GIGsoup were there when Steve Howe and co took to the stage of the London Palladium to celebrate their 50th anniversary and play through some of Tales From Topographic Oceans. This year, Yes will be running through Relayer in various fantastic venues around the UK and Europe, ending up (aside from an Irish date a couple of days later) at the iconic Royal Albert Hall in London.

Kicking off with the incredible 20-minute epic ‘Gates Of Delirium’ and closing with the jazz fusion inspired ‘Sound Chaser’, the album is one of the very few releases of all time that could easily be considered perfect. The band were revolutionary in their ability to weave catchy melodies with complex textures and instrumental virtuosity, and if there is one album that demonstrates this, its Relayer. On top of the album, the band will explore some classic cuts, so expect the likes of ‘Roundabout’ to be joined by more subtle, lesser known tracks from their history.

Having been part of the band most of his life, guitar master Steve Howe is arguably the face of this iteration of Yes. However, Jon Davidson does well to match the raw and powerful vocal of original singer Jon Anderson, while Geoff Downes and Billy Sherwood handle keyboard and bass duties with an impressive accuracy. Alan White might not be able to last a full show these days, but the virtuoso will be alternating shifts with Jay Schellen.

We’re lucky to be able to catch such an exciting iteration of Yes, so make sure you’re able to see such a revolutionary album played in full while you can.

Make sure you catch Yes on their 2020 tour playing ‘Relayer’ in full by grabbing tickets here.