This Viet Cong article was written by Jen Taylor, a GIGsoup contributor

Post-punk outfit Viet Cong have finally made the difficult decision to change their name. It has been a question of ‘will they, won’t they’, ever since they started receiving negative feedback about it. Notably, earlier this year they had a show cancelled due to the ‘offensive’ nature of their name.

They took to their Facebook page over the weekend with a status which started strangely about how they dislike dealing with press and social media, and then went on to announce that they decided the name wasn’t worth the hardships it had caused them.

‘…we’ve been listening, talking and having lots of valuable conversations with the members of the Vietnamese community about the name. Through this dialogue and hearing about what the name means to so many people, we have decided we will be changing the name of our band.

Art and music are about creative expression. However, our band name is not our cause, and we are not going to fight for it. This is not what our band is about.’

The reception has been mixed. Though their fans are generally supportive, some think the band shouldn’t have ‘caved to the pressure’.

As for who they will become? It remains to be seen – they have not yet decided, and it sounds like they will be to taking their time coming to a conclusion.

Head to their Facebook page to read the full statement regarding their name change, and to see how their fans are responding to the decision.

Post-punk outfit Viet Cong make decision to change their name

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