Pop Noir Duo Dark Tropics Announce Debut Single ‘Badlands’

Last week saw the release of ‘Badlands’ – the debut single from a brand new Irish duo – Dark Tropics out via Quiet Arch Records. 

Dark Tropics: “Badlands is an attempt to capture the feel of an epic feature film in a 3 minute pop song.”

Taken from their upcoming debut album, due out later this year, the moody ‘Badlands’, encapsulates the world of Dark Tropics perfectly. Highlighted by lead singer Rio’s striking vocals, biting strings, and bright keys, ‘Badlands’ occupies a crepuscular realm inhabited by emotional beings that exist purely in states of betrayal, heartbreak and revenge. With a diverse, deep sound palette that straddles contemporary pop, neo-soul and classical arrangements, its the ideal introductory track to Dark Tropics swirling musical world.

The formation of Dark Tropics was inevitable. Drawn together by a bond that stretched from Ireland to Morocco, musicians Rio and Gerard found common ground in the form of Radiohead, Aretha Franklin and The Velvet Underground. Armed with the influences of William Somerset Maugham, Paul Aster and John Cooper-Clarke, the pair formed a partnership – one that relies equally on instinct and guile.

Their creative vision has bore fruit with timeless, cinematic, pop-noir. Powered by analogue instruments and retro recording techniques the music sways and breathes naturally. Their themes are everywhere – the burning highs of lust, the fragility of heartache, the sting of betrayal and defiance in the face of hurt. A meld of contemporary and classic, the individual and universal, the scope of Dark Tropics is limited only by how far down the rabbit hole you wish to follow.

‘Badlands’ is out now. Stay tuned for more news on the debut album.

Catch Dark Tropics Live:

13th February – Output Conference, Belfast

10th March – Ruby Sessions, Dublin