Pink Floyd made namesake to a newly discovered species of shrimp

Scientists have discovered a new sub-species of Shrimp and they’ve decided to name it after Pink Floyd. Though the group may not be synonymous with crustacea, Floyd have nonetheless been bestowed the honour of becoming the namesake of a new species. The Synalpheus Pinkfloydi, as they’ve been christened, join the ranks of various other natural phenomena to be named after rock legends, including the Frank Zappa aesteroid – “zappafrank” and Michael Jackson’s very own extinct hermit crab – “Mesoparapylocheles Michaeljacksoni”.

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The name was decided by Sammy De Grave – a life long Floyd fan –  who spearheaded the project at Oxford University Museum of National History. This isn’t his first rodeo in the rock star x shrimp stakes, either; he previously made The Rolling Stones’ very own Mick Jagger namesake to a new species of shrimp, known as Elephantis Jaggerai.

When you take into consideration some of the Synalpheus Pinkfloydi’s natural talents, the name starts to make a little more sense. The animal is known as a ‘pistol shrimp’, a creature that can create incredibly loud sounds by snapping it’s pincer together at high speed. Apparently it can create sounds of over 200 db, giving even Pink Floyd themselves a run for their money in terms of sheer volume.