November 2016 saw the release of Pink Floyd’s ‘The Early Years, 1965-1972’ twenty-seven disc box set, which celebrated the iconic band’s years prior to the release of 1973’s ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’.

Due for release on March 24, the box set will be split into six individual volumes, broken down by years; 1965-1967, 1968, 1970, 1971 and 1972.

Each package will receive a unique title (CAMBRIDGE ST/ATION, GERMIN/ATION, DRAMATIS/ATION, DEVI/ATION, REVERBER/ATION, OBFUSC/ATION) thought up by Roger Waters to signify the band’s corresponding stage and whereabouts in their career.

Each individual volume is priced at £40-45 through the official Pink Floyd webstore and currently works out significantly cheaper to purchase separately, rather than buying the November 2016 box set, however the box set does contain extra discs and memorabilia.

You can pre-order and find full details here.


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