Peter Sandberg shares emotive one-take performance of ‘Nocturnal’

Brimming with creative freedom, groundbreaking composer and multi-instrumentalist, Peter Sandberg, shares an effortless, one-take piano-led rendition of Nocturnal, a standout track lifted from his full-length project Motion, from earlier this year. Tiding his ever-expanding audience over before the next project, Peter is graciously unphased by his stratospheric success.

Who is Peter Sandberg?

Peter Sandberg is inspired by contemporary neo-classical artists including Hauschka, Johann Johannsson, Max Richter, Metropole Orkest, Nils Frahm, Olafur Arnalds, Peter Broderick, Philip Glass and Dustin O’Halloran and through his music, he has composed a soundtrack to the dizzying narrative of modern life, having crafted an international reputation creating music for television and commercials from the digital immediacy of Netflix and the acceleration of Volvo and Tesla. He has amassed over 150 million Spotify streams from his earlier catalogue, including fan favourites Remove The Complexities and Dismantle.

From his studio in Uppsala, Peter Sandberg creates compositions that are steeped in their own rich atmosphere, vivid, hushed and contemplative. Yet they are informed by a restlessness of spirit that saw the artist take up the piano, aged twelve, and finally, find a way to channel the “undrainable source of energy” that had earned him the label of a problematic child.  This ADHD was channelled into hyperfocus, slowing things down towards a meditative stillness that turns the music towards the ambient and textural. Today, Peter Sandberg’s restlessness is in the service of his constant evolution as a musician and composer, whether it’s experimenting with his new Una Corda piano, or realising his goal of mastering the violin.  

More on Motion

In Motion, Peter Sandberg has produced an album that retains the piano-centric style for which he is known whilst pushing it into the realms of the electronic. It is a more exploratory work featuring guitars, synthesisers and “all kinds of fretted instruments”. Considering the varied instrumentation, Motion possesses a striking internal cohesion between and within the tracks, submerging the listener beneath the waves of Sandberg’s narrative arc.