Peter Hook to sue New Order

Peter Hook to sue New Order

This Peter Hook article was written by Andrew Doherty, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Ben Kendall. Header image by Julien Lachaussée –

Peter Hook is suing his former colleagues after claiming that he had lost out on £2.3m in royalties since 2011. Hook has accused Bernard Summer and Stephen and Gillian Morris of “pillaging” the group’s earnings.

In 2007 Hook left the band, and in 2011, the three remaining members set up a company, New Order Ltd, with worldwide exclusive rights to the New Order name and all sources of income. Hook, who owns 25 per cent of band venture Vitalturn, was absent when the others made this decision, a move which Hook’s lawyer has branded “clandestine, premeditated and deliberate.”

At a High Court hearing, Judge David Cooke ruled that the ex-band member was not acting out of “spite” and made preparations for him to take his complaints to a full trial. New Oder Ltd has accumulated over £7.8m in the last four years, the court heard.

In a statement released by New Order, the remaining members said they were “disappointed that Peter is perusing this claim in this particular way.”

Hook currently receives 1.25 per cent of the band’s royalties, with some income from performances and merchandising. However, he wants to increase that to 12.5 per cent. Since leaving New Order, Hook has toured with a new group under the name Peter Hook and the Light.

New Order’s latest release ‘Music Complete’, has reached number two in the charts since its release in September – making it their highest charting album since 1993.

Peter Hook to sue New Order