Peaceman shares the inspiration behind ‘Get Together’

U.S. recording artist, Sir Ivan (Peaceman) touches back down with another signature production. ‘Get Together’ recaptures the iconic sounds & vibe of the 60’s, while delivering his philanthropic message.

Coming off the back of a consistent roll of recent releases, Sir Ivan has already notched up an impressive track record – from his cover of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ (2001) spending nine weeks in the Billboard Chart, peaking at No. 31. To his biggest hit to date, ‘Hare Krishna’ (2011) that reached Top 10 on the Dance Chart, where it remained charting for another thirteen weeks. With a further two Top 10 hits in Music Week in the UK: ‘Live For Today’ & ‘La La Land’. His 2015 release, ‘Kiss All The Bullies Goodbye’ also seeing many weeks of Billboard Chart action.

Like most of my repertoire, ‘Get Together’ is an electronic music cover of an iconic peace song from the 60’s that helped bring an end to the Vietnam War. I’m hoping that the powerful lyrics will influence the hearts and minds of potential terrorists and potential mass murderers in a positive way so we can live in a more peaceful world.

While ‘Get Together’ continues to fire up a host of air waves around the globe – the highly anticipated music video is set to follow suit as it drops in the coming weeks. If Sir Ivan’s past creations are anything to go by – we’re in for a treat! Perhaps his earlier influences can give us a little insight into his penchant for the eclectic!

There’s no question that my love of dance music came from my disco days; that high energy makes people wanna dance. Sure, Studio 54 was the coolest club to get into at the time, but there was an even cooler club that gay friends of mine would go to called The Saint, where people danced under a real planetarium. I went one time just to see what they were talking about, and it was really out of this world.

Along with ‘Get Together’ Official Video Mix, comes two additional re-works – seeing the likes of Argentinian House producer Cristian Poow & Multi Platinum producer Mr. Mig step up on remix duties, both lending their trademark coatings to the track.

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