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Paul McCartney to feature in upcoming Pirates Of The Caribbean

It has been revealed that Paul McCartney will feature in the upcoming fifth instalment of the ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ series, ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales’. Already released in some parts of the world, and set to hit UK cinemas on the 26th this month, the film features McCartney as a dreadlocked and eye-lined pirate very much in-keeping with the franchise’s usual aesthetics.

A poster featuring McCartney in his full swashbuckling attire was posted to his various social media outlets on Saturday. The posts gave no indication of how significant a role McCartney plays in the film, but apparently his character serves as a jail guard and the scene he features in was shot after initial production had ended. McCartney’s appearance is not the first time the Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise has seen a contribution from a legendary rock artist; Keith Richards famously appeared in both 2007’s ‘At World’s End’ and 2011’s ‘On Stranger Tides’.