ONUR shares his self-belief anthem ‘Wired’

We all have that friend who can’t seem to ever be happy for us and who will be the first one to bring us down or discourage us whenever we challenge ourselves by attempting something new. British artist ONUR has one too but it didn’t stop him: it just made him more determined than ever to pursue his dreams.

In fact, the situation even inspired his new single Wired, now available on all streaming platforms. “I made this song at a time when a lot of my ‘friends’ started to resent me for the little success I started to make in music after working so hard to even get there. It’s a difficult situation to be in but I basically said fuck ‘em and wrote an unapologetic song playing up to my ego, about the joy of seeing people hate me for no reason, hence, I’m WIRED”, explains ONUR who now vows to “pour his heart out whichever way it feels right” in 2020.

Written and produced by ONUR himself, this strong pledge of self-belief demonstrates once again the 23-year-old’s creative genius and his will to never limit himself within one musical genre. But it also proves that he should never shrink himself just to make others feel comfortable. And the same goes for you!

First erupting on the British music scene in 2018, ONUR is slowly but surely grabbing the attention of both the media and industry professionals, from Martin Garrix to labels like Ninja Tune, RCA, Atlantic and the likes. Coming at the back of two sold out headline shows in London and over 600K streams gathered in 2019 on Spotify, Wired is his first release this year. To be accompanied by a music video shot by Oliver Marshall on March 31st, the song is announcing ONUR’s sophomore EP, scheduled for fall.