“An obsession with ecological collapse, social dislocation, science fiction” states one half of the mystery-clad duo Nrvs (pronounced “Nerves”) on what fuels their fire. “Lyrics that stalk a landscape of social dislocation and cloaked oppression: anxiety as a means of control; the dystopia of the ordinary.” A narrative worthy of separating their identity from, adding gravitas to a socially reflective ethos that perfectly syphons through their jagged music, executed with a formidable punk grit.

In an overstimulated, overly connected world, their confrontational message is more important than ever, performing not only like a battle cry for self-awareness but as an overture for things to come.

Pulling inspiration from a range as broad as the likes of The Breeders, Jean Michel Basquiat, ADHD, John Martin, their involvement with Extinction Rebellion, the internet, and Warsaw, it’s clear that anything they’d put their hand to is far from ordinary. “We wanted to hear the sounds that aren’t being made,” they continue, but as much as no artists plan to fade into the crowd, Nrvs stand head and shoulders above in their efforts. “Production that feeds all that’s left of punk rock, into a sonic meat grinder to produce raw beats like an exquisitely choreographed high-speed car crash” they summarise.

Flavours of punk through the ages sharpen against their contemporary approach, becoming more potent than ever and the result is their debut single, ‘Bad Taste’. As they outline below, their debut is a white-knuckle ride that travels into the brains behind the project, exemplifying their envelope-pushing approach.

Why do people imagine that just because their genetic heritage delivered them here, now, from the amoebic sludge, that they are special? Mother Nature does not love her children. We also wanted to find out how much we could turn a groove upside down and inside out and it would still make you have to dance like Ian Curtis would dance to gangsta rap on crack cocaine (which is kind of what this song is about).”

Joining ‘Bad Taste’ is ‘The Teeth I Always Wanted’ as an unforgettable B-side, along with two more tracks forthcoming that plot the trajectory for the project, each paired with an eye-popping synthetic visual from artist Mike Raymond (known for his works with HMLTD), that form an audiovisual experience unlike any other.

Nrvs are set to rise to the top of the punk revival and the journey starts here.

Nrvs online: Instagram | YouTube

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