Noel Gallagher supports himself at Royal Albert Hall gig

This Noel Gallagher article was written by Suzanne Oswald, a GIGsoup contributor.

Noel Gallagher treated his fans to a double set last Thursday (10th December) at London’s Royal Albert Hall.

Instead of following tradition and having a support act, Gallagher opened the show himself with a semi-acoustic set consisting entirely of Oasis songs. To make matters even more exciting for fans, he was also joined by former Oasis guitarist Gem Archer. The set included a number of Oasis b-sides such as ‘It’s Good To Be Free’ and ‘D’Yer Wanna Be A Spaceman’ along with some classics such as ‘The Importance of Being Idle’ and ‘Wonderwall’.

Gallagher said when he entered the stage: “Thanks for getting here early by the way. I am only doing this because we couldn’t find a fucking support band. I ain’t joking neither. My manager goes, ‘I’ve got a fucking great idea, you can be the support band and play for four hours’. I get double the rider though so every cloud.”

He then left the stage for half an hour before returning for the main set, modestly saying “that was a tough act to follow”. Christmas definitely came early for some Oasis fans!

Noel Gallagher supports himself at Royal Albert Hall gig