Noah Kenton unites with Jahn Rome on ‘Walk’

L.A. based producer and artist Noah Kenton has made a name for himself with his poignant lyrical depth, indelible melodies combined with his deep respect for the cathartic power of music. Noah started producing and writing at the tender age of 12, fluidly shapeshifting through many musical styles over the course of a decade. This led to a healthy obsession with blurring the lines between genre, carving a niche for him to express himself fearlessly, methodically and melodically.

“Walk is a song about battling depressive cycles and the loss of an old friend because of that. Despite the uplifting melodies, this song is about learning to cope with tragedy.” – Noah Kenton

He found his feet in the music world focussing on down to earth indie-pop which was well-received across the world, but more recently navigated towards his own distinct concoction of emotive R&B and lo-fi hip-hop, due to the freedom for musical expression that it provided him. Forthcoming single Walk, which features the vocal talents of Maryland lyricist Jahn Rome, is the perfect introduction to Noah’s maturing sound. The colourful and textured production balances organic and synthetic sounds masterfully and lays the foundation for Noah and Jahn to spin a personal tale, adding a sense of melancholic depth to already emotionally rich track.

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