With the world in lockdown and a decidedly bleak first few months of the year, Newcastle pop-rockers No Time For Reason return today with their timely new single Supersonic Nightmare. The new song displays a darker, more political side to their songwriting skills following the buzzy thrills of last year’s punky Catfish and Reviver singles.

The anthemic and grungy Supersonic Nightmare is available on streaming platforms now, and you can listen to it on Soundcloud below now…

Supersonic Nightmare talks about people’s struggles in society, current affairs and the ‘nightmares’ that we see and hear in everyday life,’ explains frontman David Stoker. “The song describes how the younger generation are being affected by political decisions and media coverage. The whole song is very political, and tackles subjects that we haven’t previously addressed as a band. It really showcases the growth of our band and the confidence in our new material.”

Fronted by Stoker, No Time For Reason have cemented themselves quickly on the UK rock scene with a string of attention-grabbing releases and sold-out shows around the North East (including a show at the legendary Cluny). The band, also consisting of Charlie Philp (Lead Guitar), Henry Poxon (Bass) and Tony Liam (Drums), have forged a dynamic mix of rock riffs and attitude alongside pop hooks and punk energy. No Time For Reason have a run of new singles set for release this year.

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