Nicolas McCoppin’s “Remember That Night” Supporting Black Trans Group

Dream-pop artist Nicolas McCoppin recently released “Remember That Night”, the 3rd single off his debut EP (due to be released later this year). The song serves as a relatable love story, highlighting specific details that unfold as a person falls in love. Releasing in collaboration with AWAL, “Remember That Night” features McCoppin’s signature dance-pop soundscape tinged with an 80s pop flair that he is quickly becoming known for.

Co-written by Krysta Youngs and produced by Nick Trapani, this track strikes listeners in the heart as it reminisces on the feeling of falling in love for the first time. McCoppin shows his romantic side with lyrics based on his real relationship experiences. He points out details such as Arthur Avenue in The Bronx and meticulously mentions key topics that impacted his love life. The track, although relatable to anyone, focuses largely on queer love – as Nicolas celebrates Pride Month with the LGBTQ community. The song’s proceeds will benefit the Black Trans Femmes in the Arts Association as they support the current protestors and Black Lives Matter movement.

“This song’s concept is a puzzle piece of a bigger idea from my debut EP,” McCoppin said. “I’m so excited to finally have this song out in the world.”

Boasting over 92K followers on social media platforms, NYC based Nicolas McCoppin is considered a rising figure in the LGBTQ community as the next major pop artist to watch. McCoppin uses his platform and music to encourage others to unapologetically be themselves and creates an accepting electro-pop musical space that many are regarding as the “next Charli XCX”.

Hailed by VEVO as “Bound To Be a Hit”, his single “Ur Love” released worldwide at #25 on the “Incoming Pop” playlist among the likes of Katy Perry, Christina Aguilera, Niall Horan, and Chloe MK. In just a short amount of time, McCoppin has garnered over 100,000 Spotify streams between his 2 debut singles and is eager to release his first full-length project this summer.