Following press and radio acclaim for his three 2019 singles so far, London-based singer-songwriter Nicky Rubin is back with another new song today. The epic, classic pop songwriting of I’ll Never Forget You is on streaming platforms now and is driven by lush and beautiful strings provided by Elbow collaborator Stella Page.

This is another sweeping and top quality song from Nicky, with a super-catchy title refrain – check it out on soundcloud below now.

“This song was written in Ukraine, when a girl with whom I was in love left me and went down to Crimea on the night train.” explains Rubin. “I wouldn’t mind but I’d bought her a dog which she named London (said, of course, in a Russian accent) – which she gave me back and I had to return him to the previous owners…and they gave me f**k all! So I lost out all round. Enter Khortitsa, Ukraine’s premier brand of Vodka. Late at night in my kitchen in Kiev, I picked up the guitar and the chorus just came out. Although I knew I had something with the chorus, I also felt it need a bridge and got my band mate, Andre Shulakov in to collaborate. Then back in London, my producer Danny Steggall and I stripped it bare, keeping the original hook and ending up with the finished tune – and with beautiful strings propelling it forward, from the super talented Stella Page.”

Born under Manchester’s grey skies, Nicky Rubin travelled the world widely as a teenager, forging a street-wise persona, light years away from his origins.  

Based in Paris then later Vienna after several sojourns in Africa, Nicky settled for a while in Kiev, where with his band Rubin Hood he built up a sizeable following performing hundreds of gigs all over Ukraine and Russia. His songs are peppered with references to the wilder shores of life; passionate tales of loves lost or unrequited, self-doubt, remote border crossings, refugees and revolution, as seen with his own eyes. In the wake of the last Kiev revolution, he returned to London and continues to gig all over the city delivering amped-up, powerhouse musical portraits of a peripatetic life truly lived.

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