Nicky Rubin’s classic pop songwriting is delivered with an epic gravitas and an immediate emotional connection. After 12 months spent connecting with new music fans and building media support with a string of single releases in 2019,  the London-based singer-songwriter is back today with a new song to kick off his year. The polished Displaced takes a timely look at the human cost of the migrant crisis and a fast-changing, unpredictable socio-political landscape and is on all streaming platforms now.

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“This song was inspired by a conversation with an Iranian friend of mine, of refugee status’” explains Rubin. “Having lived in Iran, I was particularly interested in his plight and when I questioned him about his origins he replied, “I belong to a place which doesn’t exist anymore.” Instantly I knew I had an opening line for a new song. Later, on a trip to New Zealand, I was further inspired by newfound South African friends who were also forced to leave their home following a threat to their children. I picked up the guitar during the conversation, allowed the imagery of both the Iranian and South African scenarios to come out and to form the bones of the song. At gigs in London I noticed the song had a far wider appeal when a Pakistani immigrant came up to me and said “This is my song, I feel it.” And later when a Portugese barman approached me saying the same thing. I asked him “Why man? Lisbon is not exactly a war zone!” “It doesn’t matter” he replied, “Every time I go home my city is changing. I too, belong to a place that doesn’t exist anymore.”

Born under Manchester’s grey skies, Nicky Rubin has travelled the world. Based in Paris, then later Vienna after several sojourns in Africa, Nicky settled for a while in Kiev where with his band Rubin Hood he built up a sizeable following performing hundreds of gigs all over Ukraine and Russia. His songs are peppered with references to the wilder shores of life; passionate tales of loves lost or unrequited, self-doubt, remote border crossings, refugees and revolution, as seen with his own eyes. In the wake of the last Kiev revolution, he returned to London and continues to gig all over the city delivering powerhouse musical portraits of a peripatetic life truly lived.

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