Following press and radio acclaim for his Cigarette Song and Ukrainian Kiss singles earlier this year, singer-songwriter Nicky Rubin is back with another new song on streaming and download platforms and a cinematic new video to accompany it. 

The slow-burning Communication is a timeless ballad with added gravitas from Nicky’s warm, weathered vocals and some beautiful strings. Fans of grown-up, sophisticated guitar pop like Elbow and Richard Hawley should investigate this one further below.

“Andre Shulakov, the guitarist in my Kiev band Rubin Hood, came up with a riff and we wrote a verse instantly – but I couldn’t come up with a chorus,” explains Nicky on the new song. “The following week, he came round to my flat and I found myself thinking about my friend Annemarie Clinton in New Zealand who at the time worked at my label Ugly Mother Records. I was literally in front of the mic thinking about the amazing communication between myself in darkest Kiev and her down in NZ – and then the chorus came through. We went to a restaurant and wrote all the words down on a menu. I’ve still got the menu!”

Born under Manchester’s grey skies, Nicky Rubin escaped an acrimonious home life as early as he possibly could. His teenage years spent alone on Indian subcontinent set the scene for a lifetime of travel and adventure, forging a street-wise persona, light years away from his origins.  

Based in Paris then later Vienna after several sojourns in Africa, Nicky settled for a while in Kiev, where with his band Rubin Hood he built up a sizeable following performing hundreds of gigs all over Ukraine and Russia. His songs are peppered with references to the wilder shores of life; passionate tales of loves lost or unrequited, self-doubt, remote border crossings, refugees and revolution, as seen with his own eyes. In the wake of the last Kiev revolution, he returned to London and continues to gig all over the city delivering amped-up, powerhouse musical portraits of a peripatetic life truly lived.

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