Kendrick Lamar gears up to release his new album later this month and it’s looking like it might even feature U2

Could Kendrick be ready to drop another album?

Speculation on the internet has gone into overdrive following the release of Kendrick Lamar’s ‘DAMN’. Through a series of supposed clues and tenuous links some reddit users believe they have cracked the secret message of the album, leading them to theorise that Kendrick is set to release a second album on Sunday.

The opening of ‘DAMN’ presents the listener with a choice: “You decide, are we gonna live or die.” The rumour goes that the gunshot at the end of the opening track, ‘BLOOD’, represents Kendrick’s death; simple enough so far. But at the end of the album the track rewinds back to the start. Apparently this will begin the second version of the album in which Kendrick lives.

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This rumour was then taken one step further by reddit user n9y25ah7_, who compared Kendrick’s apparent resurrection at the end of the album to Jesus rising from the dead on Easter Sunday. Bringing all these theories together the only conclusion is that, like Jesus, Kendrick gave his life for us on Good Friday on the album ‘DAMN’ and he will be resurrected on Easter Sunday on another album, which will inevitably blow everyone’s minds.

It all seems a bit far fetched. However Kendrick collaborator and fellow Top Dawg Entertainment member ‘Sounwave’ added fuel to the fire when he Tweeted: “But what if I told you… that’s not the official version..” He then followed this up by tweeting a picture of Morpheus during the infamous red and blue pill scene from the Matrix.

This set the rumour mill going again with the new possibility that ‘DAMN’ represented the red pill whilst the new album, rumoured to be called ‘NATION’ (Damn-nation, get it?), will be the blue pill.

This apparently ties in to the lyrics on ‘The Heat Part IV’ which state, “My next album, the whole industry on a ice pack / With TOC, you see the flames.” According to these theorists TOC stands for The Other Colour – as in the blue ‘NATION’ album.

Coincidentally the image on Kendrick’s Spotify profile changed to one of him standing in front of a blue wall.

Internet speculation, although fun, rarely proves to be true. However Kendrick wouldn’t be the first artist to pull such a stunt with Frank Ocean releasing ‘Endless’ and ‘Blonde’ in quick succession and Future dropping his albums ‘FUTURE’ and ‘HNDRXX’ a week apart. Either it’s another stroke of genius from King Kendrick or it’s a bunch of people on the internet clutching at straws.

Either way we will be sure to find out the answer on Sunday when Kendrick is set to livestream his headline set at Coachella. What better place to announce a new album?