Montreal’s Venus Furs have released a new video for ‘Fire in Her Eyes’ taken from the forthcoming self-titled album released on July 10th through Silk Screaming Records.

Complete with funeral march percussion at a solemn pace, ‘Fire in Her Eyes’ is the second song on the album featuring a brass section using a flugelhorn and trombone, creating a ghostly production experience assisted by haunting vocals.

“It’s a late night reflection on failed romance. Like looking into a lover’s eyes and realizing that they no longer see you in the same way that they used to.”

Paul Kasner, Venus Furs

This gripping, organ-led number comes with a new video directed by Georgi Patchouli, whose modern Patchouli Light Show paintings mixed two analog techniques: a classic liquid light show captured by a video camera that was then modified using a modular video synthesizer. “The modular video brings a little more glitchy side to the organic aspect of the liquid.”

Kasner’s songs are populated with troubled characters, painted with a sympathetic brush and thrown into a series of disastrous circumstances. Mixed with elements of gaze, indie and garage rock, the visual richness of Kasner’s lyrics also apply to the way he describes unhealthy mental states, something he has both experienced personally and witnessed in others.

Throughout the album he manages to capture these indefinable feelings with precisely selected imagery. He describes places where “lethargic discontent swells boundless through the room”, he illustrates depression as “colour fading to dust”, and psychic obstacles manifest as trip wires and shards of glass on the floor.

Given all this, perhaps the most incredible part of the album is that it is far from a gloomy, serious or burdensome listen. Rather, it is by turns an auditory adrenaline shot, a compassionate voice in the darkness and a vivid world of enlivening spirits.

Listen to ‘Fire in Her Eyes’ on Spotify.

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