There’s a lot of matter going on with The Thirds.

For one thing, the upstate NY-hailing threesome is setting to release their sophomore album Dork Matter, come September 28th.  For another, the band just dropped a video for the album’s hit single, Antimatter, a delightfully homemade but epic watch that has a lot to say about personal existence. This, and that the band already got a mention from Rolling Stone magazine after only three years of existing, is a couple of reasons why The Thirds, well, matter.

Chris Saporito, JJ Padavoni, and Cody Lengel come together to form a sound that they like to call “Whatevercore,” the punk’s equivalent to nerd rap. This may sound peppy, sure, but the trio likes to mix in somewhat dark matters (badum tss) into a sound inspired by bands like the Beach Boys. Self-worth, anxiety, regret, confusion—all touchpoints that pop up in The Third’s music, and all themes that are perfect for a generation founded on Internet culture.

Without further ado, check out the exclusive video premiere below:

Keep your eyes peeled for Dork Matters to drop September 28th, and make sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter for more music and pithy commentary.

‘Dork Matter’ drops September 28th on Spotify.

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