The 5:55 Send In The Clowns In Mutinous New Video

Join DC indie-rockers The 5:55 as they head out on their weekend gig as party entertainers. Unruly kids, hostile co-workers and ambivalent parents send the band over the edge and chaos ensues as part-time clown and full-time 5:55 frontman Collin Steves leaves a trail of destruction in his wake.

Steves describes how the band came to team up with startup video team 44 Filmworks. “It was a right place, right time situation. I got a hold of Ken (Foster) and Ryan (Geldermann) right when they were starting a new video company. I really enjoyed their previous videos and they genuinely liked the song. They were on vacation in Miami when they came up with the incredible script that is now the “Slow Down” Music Video. We asked them from the beginning if it was possible to make the video funny. After multiple phone calls everyone started to agree on more ridiculous ideas. A lot of it was just luck that our sense of humor matched theirs, and that they were willing to go all out for the video.” 

The 5:55 are comprised of Collin Steves, alongside lead guitarist Kevin Goldman, bassist Max Bissup, and Ryan Steves on drums. “Slow Down” is taken from the band’s upcoming debut EP, The Five Fifty-Five , which lands on 6/7 and contains previously released single “Marquee”