Singer/songwriter and Double Bassist Georgia Weber premieres video “Keeping it Real”

Australian double bass player, singer, composer and bandleader Georgia Weber, and her trio, The Sleeved Hearts, premiere their new music video for single, “Keeping it Real,” the title track from their new album, Keeping It Real, out on October 4, 2019.

Weber calls “Keeping it Real” a “break up song” that was “inspired by the chaos of online dating, the difficulty of letting go, and finding personal strength.” The video depicts a skeptical Weber singing the lyrics with an air of distrust and wariness to her significant other. Weber expertly weaves the mood of the lyrics into the music. She plucks one note continuously through each verse, mirroring the repetition of the other person’s “texting and ghosting” and “pretending we’re keeping it real.” Weber stays in character through the video, concluding the song with adamantly repeating “Please don’t hold me like that anymore.”

Shot at Site B Studios in Bronx, NY, the video features Weber on vocals and double bass with Nathan Ellman Bell on drums and Kenji Herbert on guitar. Michael Robayo directed the video.

Combining experimental jazz with pop-punk and indie rock influences, Weber mixes traditional jazz with modern creativity on her 14-track album, Keeping it Real. Inspired by Billie Holiday and other jazz artists of yesteryear, Weber writes music from pure love of song while continuously pushing her own creativity to new bounds. She combines influences of traditional jazz standards (“Good Morning Heartache”), modern standards (“The Thoughts That Give Me The Creeps”, “Sad Song”) and her own personal experiences in composition. Keeping it Real is the trio’s debut album and is set to release on October 4, 2019.

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