Phonix’s Lessons in Love: ‘My Love and My Teacher’

Producer, songwriter and Italian native Phonix, has a long history in music, and an even longer list of influences. A multi-instrumentalist, every element of his music is personally created, from the writing to the mastering. His musical debut, ‘Rock and Roll’, was strongly infused by his musical heroes including Elvis Presley, James Brown and Stevie Wonder. However, his new release: ‘My Love and My Teacher’, demonstrates the writer truly finding his feet with his own musical sound.

Mainly known overseas for its classical music and opera, Phonix feels the Soul and R&B scene of Italy has been largely overlooked. His work aims to establish the country, Naples in particular, as a hub for emerging world-class nu-soul artists, also promoting them through his own music studio Snap Music.

The artist’s newest song, ‘My Love and My Teacher‘, ties together a more experimental soundscape, with pop grooves and club rhythms, and is accompanied by an attention-grabbing video. Directed by Antonio Funaro, its ‘a hard-hitting look at the highs and lows of relationships’ and was created to encourage people to ‘always look to love and compassion as an answer, not violence and hate’.