Matt Kiss Battles Himself In New Music Video “Hurricane”

Hey Matt! Congrats on your new single “Hurricane” can you let us know a little back story about the song.

Hey Thanks for interviewing me! “Hurricane” is about battling your own thoughts.

Knowing that you are preparing a EP for release is their a overall theme to the project?

The overall theme for the project deals primarily with relationships and the different emotions that come with them. Each song deals with a different sides of love, hate, longing, desire, and everything in between. The project covers a broad spectrum of emotions, and I’m excited for listeners to go on that journey.

What inspired the music video concept?

For the music video, I visualized a concept of capturing the different sides of a person. “Hurricane” is a song about the violent storm of emotions someone can go through, and I wanted to find a creative way to illustrate that without being too literal. I was pretty intrigued with the visual concept of multiple personalities and thought that would be an interesting direction to go for the video of this song. My collaborator/cinematographer Matt Lesman and I were also inspired by films like Fight Club and Joker, and the video definitely hints at that. 

Seeing that this is your debut single for your new project how does it feel having your original music out there to the public and letting your story be heard?

It feels really great to finally share my new music. This project has been a long time coming in more ways than one, and it took a lot for me to be patient and trust the process. But nothing feels better than finishing something you’re proud of, especially when that something as personal as your music or art. 

Love the double images of you in the video! What was the idea behind that concept?

The double images were a lot of fun to work on. Matt (Lesman) and I wanted to find a creative way to depict the character’s internal conflict and duality while also running with the multiple personality theme. We really wanted to show the character feeling as many different emotions as possible, especially if they could be in one shot or frame; that part was pretty important to us.

We see you being a little playful in the video as well! Does this depict a different side to Matt Kiss?

Whether they like to admit it or not, most artists have a playful side. Part of being creative is keeping in touch with your inner child; allowing it to stay curious and playful is essential to the creative process. But the video, the general theme was to run the gamut of emotions and show the different sides of the character. Having the freedom to explore that in front of the camera was a lot of fun.

What can we expect next from you? 

What you can expect next from me is definitely more new music. I’ve spent a lot of time preparing this project for the world, and the idea of people finally getting to hear it excites the hell out of me.

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