Make You Cry ask ‘Can You Wait?’ in debut single

Born out of drifting friendships and the realisation that time is finite, Make You Cry began in the Autumn of 2018.

Made up of Joe Savage (Vocals), Luke Rance (Guitar), Callum Stevenson (Bass), Conor Sellick (Drums), the foursome are set to release their debut single Can You Wait on November 1st 2019. The release is a thundering curtain raiser that opens with roaring drums later met by delicate guitar-work, before diving head first into chorus’ that leads with the line ‘You’re a daddy’s girl anyway’. Accompanied alongside a smart video that plays on the repetitive the day-to-day grind, the boys look set to smash 2020.

Breaking down the meaning of the track, the boys explained:

“The inspiration for the video comes from the monotony of life, in particular relationships. The song is about a relationship with a rich girl that just isn’t working. The video is about going round and round in circles and doing the same thing over and over again but not really knowing why you’re doing it. We wanted to make something that looked pretty but didn’t cost much. The whole budget for the video was £200, which we used to pay the actor. Everything else we sourced ourselves, and it was shot bye our guitarist Luke who is a videographer for a living. We just want people to watch it and think ‘that was weird but interesting, I’m going to watch it again’”.