LA popstar LONDYN breaks into her ex’s house to film ‘Love Me Harder’…

“I like keeping my art as real and close to home as possible to maintain grit and emotion, which is why I snuck into my ex-boyfriend’s house to film this music video. Shout out to my ex for not pressing charges. P.S. – If you could also stop with the angry texts, that’d be great.” LONDYN

Los Angeles native, LONDYN, released her first single, Love Me Harder, at the end of 2018, immediately catching the attention of Steven Machat (Leonard Cohen, Grimes, Electric Light Orchestra, Genesis, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Bobby Brown).

He isn’t the only one who noticed her as the song quickly rose to more than 100k streams on Spotify. Download or stream the single HERE

“I’m honored and privileged to be working with LONDYN, the next singer/songwriter of this generation. Her music is heartfelt and she takes risks. It’s not like everything else. She’s not like everyone else. I think people are ready for that,” says Machat.

The music video is being released internationally through Universal & VEVO in association with newly reinstated label Hippos in Tanks & Londyn Records.

Love Me Harder brings awareness to the necessity of presence in a relationship. In the song, LONDYN begs the question, “would we do things differently if we knew it were the last time?”, which stems from her self-proclaimed obsession with the impermanence of things. She also speaks of tantra in hopes of planting a seed for people to think about what role more consciously connected sex can play in their lives. 

Her vulnerable admission in the song is that she, “took the easy way out,” of the relationship and says, “this song isn’t about placing blame. Relationships show us who we are. We have ideals of who we think we are, but until we’re in the trenches, we don’t actually have to face all parts of ourselves. Sometimes it’s uncomfortable to take that good look in the mirror, but that’s how we evolve.” 

According to Machat, “the industry today sacrifices creativity for a quick fix. My goal with LONDYN, a true artist, is to help her develop a career. I’ve done it throughout my history and I look forward to doing it again now.”

In addition to the release of Love Me Harder, her highly anticipated debut EP, Dream Spell, is set to drop later this year, co-written with Delacey, the songwriter behind Halsey’s billboard #1 “Without Me.”