Jack Gray releases visual for Triple J radio’s hottest 100 contending track ‘Fools’

Fresh off the May 31st release of his debut EP ‘Nights Like This,’ Jack Gray is being talked about in the same poll as James Blake, Maggie Rogers, Vampire Weekend, and more. The Australian songwriter’s track ‘Fools’ is in contention for a heralded spot on Triple J Radio’s Hottest 100 list, comprising the favorite songs of 2019. After his impressive five-track EP, it’s no stretch to predict that ‘Fools’ won’t be Gray’s last nomination for Gray.

Of the meaning behind ‘Fools’ Jack in a recent interview said, “It’s about being in a relationship with somebody who’s toxic for you, and losing a bunch of good friends because they couldn’t put up with her shit.”

In December, Jack Gray released the official music video for ‘Fools,’ which reflects the feel from the lyrics of the song quite nicely.

The 20-year-old singer can be seen lying flat on a carpet floor, in front of a vast cityscape, or neck-deep in a pool of water with animated thoughts playing on the screen around him. While each backdrop is different, the feelings stay the same. You can feel the broken and lonely feelings this relationship has brought being illustrated in the scenes each visual while still feeling the desire to chase down the person that keeps letting him down as he sings, “I need a little drive, or she’ll leave me behind.”

‘Fools’ is a fantastic song to listen to just audibly, but when accompanied by the visuals, it does a great job of connecting a tug of war of feeling hope as well as hopeless. Singing “Maybe I’m just a fool, fool for loving you” and expressing pains she caused the artist still acknowledges, “I caught her in the act, but the fact is that, I’d probably take her back tonight.” As the video closes, Gray is seen slowly fading from water neck-deep to it finally emerging over his head.

The video is fun, and artistic, with animation that makes it relatable. Watch it now.

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