ZELAH takes you on a tour of their moody alt-pop with debut EP – I

Following the release singles ‘Static’ and ‘Closer’, the London-based, moody alt-pop duo ZELAH close the circle with their debut EP – I

Written between 2017 and 2019 it is a collection of the pair’s most stand out songs from their time as a band so far. The four track EP is a journey through the outfit’s sonic palette and an honest expression of feelings felt over the past two years. From soft soundscapes and atmospheric vocals to dramatic rhythms and powerful melodies, ‘I’ was made to allow people into the world of where ZELAH began and where they’re heading next.

Here ZELAH have provided an in-depth description of their EP, taking your through each of their tracks

‘Run Away’ was one of the first tracks we wrote in 2017. It was at the demise of a different sort of relationship that this band began to form, as if one door was closing and another one really did open. So much emotion has been fuelled into the project since and this song cemented that. It felt like some strength had been regained for me (Zelah) through having this project that allowed me to take control, see things more clearly and let go of toxic elements in my life, ‘I don’t want you back’ kind of sums that up.

Closer is a similar track, written slightly later into 2018 when I first moved up to London. It brings back a lot of nostalgia around that specific time, away from the songs focus alone which is largely to do with my initial dip into the whole London dating scene. This was a point in which we moved up here determined to take this project somewhere, no matter how much we had to work for it or how long it would take. It feels like we’ve come a long way since this track was written, we’ve grown so much both as individual people and in the development of our collective sound. Sometimes it’s nice to reminisce back on that fresh-faced naivety you have coming into it all and moving to a city like London by yourself, moving into a flat with people you don’t know and finding a job just to get by on the bare minimum and make music, all of the excitement and fear that comes with it, and this track really provides us with that. It instantly struck a chord when it was written – that this was something special and that hasn’t disappeared for us even now.

‘Let Go’ is much newer than the others, written in the autumn of 2019 when we had this yearning for a more alternative sound and approach. You can hear this on a previous single of ours ‘Adrenaline’. I’ve always been massively into bands such as Yonaka, Peace, Glass Animals and Arctic Monkeys. This combined with a love of Banks, London Grammar, Alt-J and Lorde has guided us into this darker pop sound world which sometimes tends to lead us in a heavier direction with writing. Let Go is definitely the darkest track on the EP and is mostly an expression of needing to feel something genuine in amongst a lot of other shallow and unfulfilling things.

‘Static’ was also written more recently in the summer of 2019. When making it we wanted to draw on lighter inspirations and explore a different avenue of our creativity. We wanted to find our own balance between the more alternative route and the heavier pop route. We make most of the sounds on a laptop at first so when we got into the studio the main goal with this was to make it feel more ‘real’. We really enjoyed finding this middle ground and now Static feels most accurate to the direction in which a lot of our newer material is based, a little lighter but still with the atmosphere and real elements that we love

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