Yukon Era drop video for single ‘Feels’

It’s a new win for the young kiwi boys of post-punk band Yukon Era. Their new single ‘Feels’ is a brilliant piece of work, strongly reminding of renowned alternative rock band Placebo in their early days: avant-garde, gloomy but deep.

A feeling that was perfectly depicted in the music video released for the occasion. ‘Feels’ music video revolves around the life of a young adult having trouble fitting in. We see him contemplating himself repeatedly, literally and figuratively. There are many stills of him looking at himself in the mirror, as if he’s trying to come back to reality and wake up from a nightmare. The video continues with party scenes, where it seems he’s trying to do the same thing but this time, by drinking and dancing. But no matter how hard he tries, he just can’t get out of that mind state, even when around others.

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If both the video and the song feel so realistic, it is because it actually is inspired from the band’s singer Christian Dimmick’s personal experience. In his own words, “Feel is a song that touches on personal issues within my life; feeling absent from others as well as myself, along with feeling crushed by the weight of people’s expectations of me.”

Here is one of the many reasons why Yukon Era is a band to watch for: how can someone this young put such a complex phenomenon so precisely into words? Only thing we can say is, if this is what they’re already capable of now, their evolution is something you definitely not want to miss.