X Li Returns With A New Single “Race Car”

X Li has dropped his latest single “Race Car,” the biggest single release from him that marks his fourth official single release of 2020. Adhering to his goal of making music that resonates with people, he reveals the actual and continued look inside his own world. The track encapsulates X Li’s early days with a materialistic lifestyle as well as portrays a clear picture of a grand life. 

“Race Car” centers around a throwback to his past experience, building up his notoriety by collecting fast, flashy cars and wrapping them pink. With moody trap beats and flex lyrics “Racecar” is typical trap music, the genre X Li experts in and allows him to show off his skills. The unique voice and authentic accented flows of him are most prominent throughout the track, with heavy rhythms laying a solid ground to keep people touched and hooked.

Xinyi Li, who goes by the name X Li,  has always wanted pen powerful, expressive rhymes for an international audience, and after years of grinding out his own style and putting all his effort into studying English, he’s been able to connect with people all over the world through his music. Originally from Taiyuan, X Li grew up on rock music, listening to alternative rap-rock artists like Linkin Park that set the foundation for his love of trap – a genre that the rapper deems, in his own words, as ‘the new wave of rock.’ X Li discovered hip-hop when he moved to Canada at age 14, and soon found himself magnetized and creatively inspired by artists like Jay Z, Nas, Kanye West, 50 Cent and Wiz Khalifa. Since then, X Li has been fixed on one ultimate goal: becoming the world’s first mainstream Chinese rap superstar. His creativity and independence got him kicked out of Chinese school, with teachers claiming his ‘rebellious’ behavior would affect other students. Between depression and disownment, X Li has channeled his pain into his music and working on his craft. His newfound independence fuelled his drive to create and gave him the spirit of an outcast that’s only fit for a rockstar. 

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