Woolfman and JStew Announce New Single ‘Big Big Lessons’

Woolfman and JStew have announced that their brand-new single Big Big Lessons is coming out this Friday, 7 June 2019. This release follows fast in the footsteps of their debut track ‘Listen To The Beat’, which was played in clubs across the world, secured incredible support from the internationally renowned DJ David Guetta, who called the act “tasty” and featured it on his Spotify playlist and in his DJ sets, and reached the Top 30 in the Music Week Dance Charts. Woolfman and JStew’s new single Big Big Lessons will be released across the world on 7 June 2019 

Woolfman and JStew have an unusual backstory. Woolfman was born in South Africa and moved to the UK at an early age, and JStew originates from New Jersey and lives in Los Angeles. They met in Poland whilst visiting wartime sites, afterwards saying that they found hope and optimism even whilst looking evil in the face. They identified and bonded, recognising their shared challenges in life which they faced in that journey to Poland, especially the question “where do I belong?”. Quickly becoming one of music’s most unlikely transatlantic partnershipsWoolfman and JStew’s music pushes the boundaries of modern electronic music, integrating JStew’s soulful and gospel vocals with Woolfman’s vibrant style of production. 

Big Big Lessons is a scathing commentary on the pain of existence, opening with the simple question, “How Do You Feel?”. The track is a true collaboration between the two, and incorporates their own individual personalities and experiences. Talking about the creation of the track, Woolfman commented:

Big Big Lessons is a phrase that came to me in a dream, and I spent a long time deliberating over exactly what it meant to me. The song was produced in stages, both in London and California, and is the confession of an individual who regrets his past way of being, the person he no longer wants to be, but he is not yet able to find a way to a new home. He has not always behaved well and is not sure how to be different. I’m very happy that the song is finally going to be released for everyone to hear and to share this very human journey.”

JStew commented:

“Life becomes the canvas for our music. It seems like every time we are scheduled to produce a song; some distraction comes our way to throw us off-piste. Big Big Lessons came about in a series of sometimes challenging stages. It is in a very high vocal range, and in order to hit high notes when singing, I often close my eyes and think of a story, a person, or the entity that I would be singing this song to. This time around, recording Big Big Lessons, I saw myself. I asked myself how I felt about my transition moving from New Jersey to California. What was it like to uproot, how do I make a new home? This for me is the question in the song which I wanted to convey.”

The video will be available on the same day as the single release. Expect to see images that reflect the question in the lyrics, the story and the journey that Woolfman and JStew have been through. Let yourself be drawn into the kinaesthetic imagery, sucking you into the sensations and the story, making you ask real questions about your life and what it means to be alive. 

More information about Woolfman and JStew can be found at http://www.wrecordings.co.uk