The Wonder Years gearing up to announce sixth studio album

Midway through last December, The Wonder Years decided to take a rest from social media, tweeting “Turning the lights out for a bit. New record next year. If you want to be kept informed go here: . For now, we rest.” If you followed the link to their label’s site, there was a mailing list with no explanation.

Last week, fans who signed up for the mailing list received a curious postcard from Hopeless Records that read only “I’m laying low/A stray dog in the street/You took me home/We’re sister cities.” Then yesterday, those fans were greeted with a surprise when an unmarked package was shipped from the label. As shown by one fan on Reddit, inside was a mostly blank 7″ vinyl bearing only the formula for distance, playing a spoken word poem and an unreleased The Wonder Years single. In a separate thread, another Redditor used Shazam to find out the song is “We Look Like Lightning”, the first single off of the sixth LP, allegedly titled ‘Sister Cities’.

Further information was gathered through Shazam’s base of song information, with 10 total unreleased songs attributed to The Wonder Years leading many fans to believe this is the track listing to a yet-to-be announced album. The supposed tracklist is as follows…

  1. We Look Like Lightning
  2. Pyramids of Salt
  3. It Must Get Lonely
  4. When the Blue Finally Came
  5. Flowers Where Your Face Should Be
  6. Sister Cities
  7. The Ocean Grew Hands to Hold Me
  8. The Ghosts of Right Now
  9. Raining in Kyoto
  10. Heaven’s Gate (Sad & Sober)

As of now there is limited information, but it seems fairly clear that The Wonder Years have something in the works and they’re pushing all the right buttons to get our attention.

The Wonder Years are currently signed to Hopeless Records and you can stay up to date with them here.