UK based production duo WITHOUT have released a music video to go along with the smouldering sonics on their latest soulful electronic single, “Talking Bout Me,” which features British/ Irish choral pop singer Empara Mi.

The music video that also arrives, illustrates the project with a story of unbalanced romance through a 1990s-inspired lens. The visual for “Talking Bout Me” was shot across East London, and features steamy visuals and stunning cinematography.  It is directed by London-based Polish photographer and filmmaker, Marta Brodacka, who is known for combining a number of formats from VHS to High-end 4k to evoke nostalgia and disorder. “It was critical that the video for ‘Talking Bout Me’ told the story of the song,” says WITHOUT. “There are so many layers to the lyrics that they really need a strong visual to unpack them. Marta’s style of Filmmaking and her use of multiple film formats were a perfect match for the project.”

The video’s two subjects, models Charlotte Rose and Miguel Harichi, powerfully portray the love story that lies at the core of “Talking Bout Me.” The visual tells a tragic story of affection with all of the chemistry and none of the connection.  Throughout the video, the pair gazes into each other’s eyes with absolute obsession before frivolously choosing their own paths again and again. The video itself serves as a commentary on the temporality of the millennial search for fast love. 

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