Will Joseph Cook makes grand return with ‘Hey Brother’

After teasing an announcement on his instagram and sending his fans wild, Will Joseph Cook has today made his highly anticipated return with the optimistic and uplifting track Hey Brother’ and we couldn’t be happier to have him back.

This is the Indie-pop wunderkind’s first new music since 2017. Featuring bouncy guitar lines, syncopated rhythms and an instantly memorable chorus – ‘Hey Brother’  and the accompanying video offers a fresh insight into the brilliantly creative mind of the precocious songsmith.

Will said: “This album is about my life from the last year and a bit and ‘Hey Brother’ chronologically is the start of it. It made sense to release it first thematically because it’s kind of about days blurring into one another and not knowing how to find fulfilment in music and creativity. But it’s also very optimistic in the face of that.”

Check out the amazing new video from Will Joseph Cook below!