Wilder Daze Releases “Some Things Don’t Get Old”

Brooklyn-based soulful pop artist, Wilder Daze releases the latest single from his upcoming album True Nature. “Some Things Don’t Get Old” sees Wilder Daze bring an old-school groove to a nostalgic jam that reflects on love. The track juxtaposes a confident swaggering groove behind lyrics that profess fragility and uncertainty about the current state of things.

Wilder explains, “This song came from a place of just growing up and taking a good, hard look in the mirror and realizing that all these years I’ve been more in love with the chase and the fantasy of romance rather than actually being with someone romantically. My romance is ultimately with myself.” He continues, “Since making that realization, I’ve never felt more youthful, confident or self-assured. I love how this song sounds so warm and romantic, but it makes me feel really empowered. It’s also absolutely a gemini anthem! That battle between chasing love or lust, not even knowing which one you want but doing it for the chase. A queer anthem as well.”

This soulful single was co-written with singer-songwriter Aimee Proal. Aimee has worked with the likes of Kelly Clarkson and Christina Aguilera.

When asked about his experience with Proal, Wilder reveals, “This is one of my favorite tracks of mine. I was done writing the album in January of 2018, but I decided to do one last writing session with Aimee Proal. She had co-written some songs on my first album. I had this title in mind already. “

He continues, “I wanted to write a song that really spoke a new truth about my relationship with love. It ultimately says a lot about my relationship with myself. We wrote most of the song together during our session. I then went into the studio that same afternoon and finished the song. I then made the demo with my producer and guitarist Thad Debrock. It all happened really fast. Where “Luvline” was sort of the heart of the album, “Some Things” is the soul. It fully embodies my artistry. I like to describe it as steamy and dreamy. It was important to me in the mixing process that we really made the song sizzle and scorch. It does exactly that!”

In many ways “Some Things Don’t Get Old” encapsulates one of the overarching themes of Wilder’s creative process. Throughout his compositions, Wilder blends nostalgic pop and soul. The vibe is built to lead us into the Summer of 2019. After notching up nearly 20,000 plays for “Luvline” in 2018, we can’t wait to see what’s on the horizon for Wilder Daze in 2019!