Wild Wing Are Just Here To Have Fun

Los Angeles’ Wild Wing dropped album, New Futures, last Friday and it’s a wild ride. “Momma’s Got A Brand New Bag” kicks things off and the listener is immediately made aware that these guys know how to have fun. There’s surf-rock, country, cow punk, impossible punk, psychedelia, etc. etc. The three song trilogy in the middle of the record (“Triumph” “Me ‘n Mine” “Ontario”) really exemplifies the range this band possesses.

New Futures is Wild Wing’s fourth record. With their early work deeply rooted in rowdy cow punk, Wild Wing has ventured into new musical territory, changing the sound of Americana music to reflect the cynical and attention deficit modern age. No two tracks sound the same. Somehow, though, when you listen to all the tracks together, they add up to create Wild Wing’s sound. Always original, never predictable.

New Futures was crafted in their studio that they built from the ground up where they wrote, engineered, and produced every song. Their studio resides in the San Fernando valley where the band was born. 

While the world begins to crumble Wild Wing has always been there to poke fun and take necessary jabs at it. The new record is Wild Wing’s take of watching society circle the drain.

Credit: Lloyd Mongo