We’ve Capsized with Cliffs + Caves New EP

One listen to this EP and there was no turning back. Capsize is filled with beautifully intimate lyrics, interesting musical progressions, and simple yet powerful harmonies. The songs display the diversity of the indie folk genre and showcases how seamless their artistry flows from the battle cry of their single “Defiance”, to the sentimental vocals and intimate country-esque lyrics of the singles  “Goodbye For Good” and “Right Side”. Produced by Chris Jacobie, who has also worked with artists like Penny & Sparrow, partnered with the duo to complete this EP.

Cliffs + Caves is the mother-daughter duo of Lindsey and Claire Justice. Claire, a multi-instrumentalist at only 16, composed the music for each of the tracks with quintessential acoustic guitar elements and a unique finger-picking style. Lindsey created most of the lyrics and remarked that, “”Capsize” is the most transparent and honest music that Claire and I have made together. We’re much more exposed emotionally and sonically with this new EP.” With such a natural artistry running between them, it is impossible not to fall in love with the songs and stories they so eloquently present on this EP.