VUYO observes hostility between humans based upon their respective skin colour, social-economic status or gender and inspires outrospective ‘Window’. Ole “VUYO” Småge was born in Zimbabwe and raised across South Africa, Zambia, and Norway, and with a father heavily involved with Nelson Mandela’s anti-apartheid movement and mother deeply invested in the Namibian Liberation, their family received recurrent death-threats. Consequently, Ole and his mother left for Oslo where he lived out his teenage years.

The track showcases VUYO’s artistic palette both as a producer and a rapper. With his cynical flow and lyricism, Window explores observations of animosity between communities based on their social standing. Whether it be race, gender, or wealth, VUYO, through introspective thought, reflects on what he’s witnessed as a faceless narrator; a fly on the wall. With a production style akin to parts of Kendrick Lamar’s “offcuts” album untitled unmastered – featuring samples from some of Ole’s influences Fela Kuti and Sufjan Stevens – while maintaining the dense grandiose statement of To Pimp a Butterfly.

Here’s what VUYO had to say about the track:

As I wrote the song, I spent hours just looking outside at the street right across from our apartment. There, I could see the way people would treat beggars differently based on the colour of their skin, how men on their way home from the club would treat women, and the general carelessness we show to our fellow humans on the street.

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