Vose St. (feat. Michaella) Makes Vivacious Debut With Uplifting Anthem “Whatever Comes Up”

Los-Angeles based group Vose St. — the brainchild of songwriters Ingmar Prinz, Thiago Muller, and Leonardo Bomeny — are excited to share their debut single in collaboration with singer-songwriter Michaella titled “Whatever Comes Up”.

Initially created in their studio, that serves as a second home, Vose St. in North Hollywood with Leonardo Bomeny’s brother acclaimed studio musician Lucas Bomeny, “Whatever Comes Up” is a true collaboration between friends. As Michaella’s effervescent vocals weave throughout, Vose St.’s melodies glisten – creating a vivacious upbeat folk-pop anthem.

“Being able to create with these three guys was like magic; Leo had the hook, Ingmar and I brought the melody and lyrics, and Thiago shaped the path and journey of the song. There’s nothing better than finding that rhythm together and flowing with it!

This song and its meaning actually rings quite true with my life right now, I feel like I can get so caught up in overthinking how I want to pursue my dreams instead of just going for every opportunity and making the most out of a situation. “Don’t let the fear of the fall keep your feet on the ground”, it’s another way of saying don’t be afraid of failure to the point of not even trying, and that is something I like to hold on to, because you do have to get through some clouds and storms to reach your goals.” – Michaella Carreira

Listen Below.