Describing her sound as if Billie Holiday jammed with Nine Inch Nails, Violet Grae is a punch vocally and visually. Combining soulful, powerhouse melodies over edgy electronic beats.

Taking vocal influences from Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald and being musically inspired by Frank Ocean, The Roots and FKA Twigs, Violets fresh take is a happy marriage of new school and vintage, making her sound incomparable. Violet sings of self-love, empowerment, individualism and symbolizes these bold initiatives with her personal style and grace.

Her latest offering Let Me Be The Man was written by herself and produced and co-written by Ben Cohen, Lyrics include “Let me be the man more than you’ve ever been more than you’ve ever been”. 

The song is an anthem for not only women but anyone that has found strength through adversity. This song represents power unapologetically.

 “For the first time in my career I have complete freedom with my musicsays Violet.

As a female artist and entrepreneur, Violet is a force. “Because I am a badder king than you’ll ever be”. She has her hand in every facet of her career as an artist, whether that is writing, arranging, composing, or development.

“I have had men take credit for my work in the past, and I told myself I would never let a man take recognition for my art ever again”. 

She believes in transparency, spreading enthusiasm, and expressing love and truth throughout her performance. Violet is excited to share her unique voice in music. As an artist and songwriter, Violet is electric. Her show is a complete experience and Violet gives you all that she has. She hopes to empower, enlighten, and intrigue others through her music.

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