Victoria Moralez

Victoria Moralez Delights With ‘Eyes Off The Prize’

‘Eyes Off The Prize’ is the latest number from Victoria Moralez. It is the type of track which echoes out way after the first listen, so much, so I am struggling to find myself staying away from it.

At first, it didn’t hugely blow me away but having listened to it further; I am entirely on this singers wavelength. It is a grower for me, and I relish how it takes a different approach. As a result, it sounds very dissimilar to what else we hear in the modern pop music haze. It is most likely the reason why it took me a little longer to connect with it. But, it is evident that change is good and this new sound from Victoria is a breadwinner for sure.

It kicks off with a thumping beat hit which grips, it sounds like it comes from a keys instrument and it has a smart structure with it building the momentum instantly. A melody lead line then appears, and it reverberates around the mix, providing heaps of frightening quality. Victoria then reaches for the microphone and presents a notable vocal performance with her picking up velocity as she advances. She sings with sharp diction, and her conviction is tough to fault. I also enjoy how she stirs up her vocal technique often transitioning between gently sung vocals and pure grit and rawness.

Overall, it is a smash hit from the singer, and although it does not come with a hugely fast tempo, it still has plenty of energy. However, the bridge towards the end takes a complete step back, and I would enjoy hearing the track keep building momentum as opposed to losing steam.

You can take a listen to ‘Eyes Off The Prize’ by Victoria Moralez below.