VCATION Release A Pop Track For The Broken Hearted

This summer, the two visionary musicians, producers and songwriters started their new project VCATION – a free-zone where the duo plays with borderless genres and explosive sounds. Their new single is called “Whiskey & Cola”. Helmed by John Martin and Michel Zitron, VCATION harnesses the talents that these songwriters have bought to hit songs from Swedish House Mafia, Tiesto, Avicii and more.

“Whiskey & Cola” blends the vocals of VCATION’s Michael Zitron and John Martin with those of guest Klei, completed by a simple production that sounds effortlessly clean. With a focus on the acoustic guitars and the deep electronic foundation, the duo themselves describe it as a “pop track for the broken hearted”. 

“Whiskey & Cola” is a break-up anthem that came to life on a warm, German summer’s day.

VCATION explain, “We hung out in Berlin for a week this summer, working with new up-and-coming talents. When we had a session with Klei, it was a crazy hot day. Luckily, there was ice-cold a little cans shop of pre-mixed just by the whiskey studio where and cola. they When sold those we got back to the studio, we literally just played around – and that playfulness led to this new track” says VCATION, and continues: “Klei is a space child who’s got the same kind of weird humor as we have. That made the writing process really easy – and a lot of fun.”

“It’s such a classic break-up story, where you go out to the club and drown your sorrows – while you imagine the other person feeling amazing. You imagining the other person already happy with someone else.

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