Vanessa Anne Redd announces new album ‘Zumbo Waxes + releases new track ‘When I Compare’

Vanessa Anne Redd has announced details of her new album ‘Zumbo Waxes’ released on 25th January via Sharp Attack Records. To celebrate the news, the album’s first single and teaser track ‘When I Compare’ has been released today alongside a beautiful moving still life video.

Vanessa Anne Redd has described the new album ‘Zumbo Waxes’ as a “gothic folk fairytale of sin and salvation.”. It mixes moments of jagged electric guitar for fans of PJ Harvey or Angel Olsen with the intimate feel of Leonard Cohen, blended with off-kilter theatrical moments reminiscent of Regina Spektor, Hunky Dory-era Bowie and 1970’s Scott Walker.

Catch Vanessa Anne Redd live at Servants Jazz Quarters on 29 November.